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Why should you change amalgams?

Amalgam – is a mixture of metal alloys with liquid mercury used by dentists to fill cavities.   In modern practice copper, silver, dental amalgam  and the high percentage copper amalgam (silver amalgam with significant addition of copper used, mainly amalgam is used for filling back teeth.)

Often dentist can detect various diseases caused by dental amalgam seals caused by intoxication or mercury poisoning, which is why this filler is not the best solution in the fight against dental problems.

It is alleged that friction caused by chewing on food can lead to the release of mercury vapours, which in any amount are toxic and harmful to the human body.  The vapour enters the lungs and spreads throughout the blood vessels throughout the body.  It can accumulate in different organs and cause irreversible consequences.

It’s easy to see when an amalgam seal is broken.  When the seal breaks a dark line forms between the tooth surface and the seal of the amalgam, you must see the dentist when this happens to agree on new methods of treatment.

Benefits of an Amalgam:

  • The best feature of an amalgam is that the procedure of creating the seal with the materials is relatively painless.
  • Amalgams are also durable.

Disadvantages of an Amalgam:

  • The color of the material doesn’t match the colour of your teeth.  An amalgam is metallic and shiny (that is one main reason it is used to treat side teeth)
  • Amalgams expand at appropriate conditions and can cause tooth deformaties as well as contribute to the splitting of a tooth wall.
  • Fixing an amalgam seal takes 2 to 3 hours and polishing can only be done the day after the seal is installed.
  • If the amalgam seal doesn’t fit snugly against the surface of the tooth, then caries often develop along the perimeter of the broken seal.
  • It isn’t possible to adapt the amalgam to the natural form of the tooth.

Currently there are a wide range of dental fill materials are available to dentists, new materials are strong, safe and can be created to match your natural tooth colour.  Therefore, patients who are allergic to certain components of amalgam alloys will find new materials available as a great alternative.