Tooth whitening

In modern society you want to look and feel your best by having a beautiful and charming smile. Teeth whitening has become evermore popular and is easily available to everyone who wants a dazzling smile.

Which modern methods of teeth whitening are offered by ELSIA dental clinic?

(1) In-clinic whitening

(2) Take-home whitening

(3)  PHILIPS ZOOM whitening

When not to whiten and possible side effects.

Advice to patients before and after whitening :
Before taking part in any teeth whitening procedures you need to sign up for a regular hygiene mouth exam because tooth plaque can prevent you from seeing the best whitening results of the applied whitening gel. For some period of time after whitening it is recommended not to use natural and artificial colourants such as :

~ Beetroot

~ Blackberry

~ Coffee

~ Red wine

~ Cherry, etc

Before you get a cosmetic procedure done
Take into account that medicine is not an exact science and the results can not be predicted because individual results depend on the original colour of your teeth and teeth react tremendously based on individual lifestyles. Whitening results cannot be predicted precisely because teeth are not universal and each individual’s teeth react differently to colourants.

Only natural teeth can be whitened but crowns, venires and composite fillings can not be whitened because of the material’s composition. After whitening some patients are advised to change fillings on visible surfaces of teeth to match the newly whitened ones.


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