Pulpitis - Dental clinic ELSIA


Timely measures on neutralization or early treatment of caries can help to avoid one more very unpleasant consequence – pulpitis.

Bacteria and their toxins penetrate into the area with caries and cause inflammation of soft tooth tissues. “ Eating up” the enamel layer , bacteria get into the next layer – tooth pulp. Such inflammation causes sensitivity to the temperature changes , often leads to permanent pain, especially at night time.

Also pulpitis can be caused by tooth injury – breaking of tooth or cracking of its part. Moreover, it can develop under the influence of temperature changes and chemicals, for example , under the influence of acids.

If pulpitis is not treated in time , tooth pulp can not be saved . You will need surgery that means the canal is filled with filling material . If the process is stopped in time you can only need biological treatment such as anti-inflammation medicine , tissue reviving materials after which you get a filling.