Caries - Dental clinic ELSIA


Caries from by a slow process of enamel, dentin and tooth hard tissue decay. At the initial stages caries are practically unnoticeable to the unprofessional eye, and there are only some minor changes in the colour your teeth, accompanied by minimal discomfort. Initial treatment does not require serious intervention and consists in saturation of the tooth surface with calcium and fluoride ions for several procedures. Thus the enamel is restored. If at this stage, caries are not stopped at this stage, then the upper layer is destroyed and surface caries are formed and enamel is loosened.

Tooth caries are more and more sensitive depending on how the caries have developed – carries react to changes in temperature and to chemical or physical contact.

Treatment of medium and deep caries include treating the part of the tooth where the caries are and filling the cleaned area of the tooth cavity.

More developed caries can lead to more decay in the tooth causing pulpitis or periodontitis. In these cases the loss of a whole tooth can result.