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Dental Floss

The toothbrush is not effective without the use of dental floss.  Dental floss helps you to get rid of extremely dangerous microorganisms – invisible bacteria hidden from the human eye and inaccessible to the ordinary toothbrush.

In conclusion, it is necessary to conduct a simple test.  In the morning, for example, in the evening, you should clean your teeth as normal (by the way, you can even shine – the result of this will not change), and then comfortably sit in front of a mirror with some dental floss ready.
Gently use the dental floss, while making sure not to damage your gums.  It is essential to carefully insert the thread into the interdental space in such a way that it does not touch the gums. Then gently remove it, while cleaning the plaque from the lateral surfaces of the teeth.  Unfortunately the interdental space, even on the most polished teeth, there will be plaque (bacteria that literally destroys human health), which can not be helped by any toothbrush in the world. Only dental floss does the trick.