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Bruxism — involuntary clenching of the jaws and grinding of teeth.  It is believed that about half the population grinds teeth from time to time, and about 5% of people have this dental problem where it is clearly pronounces and is considered a habit.  Usually, grinding occurs during sleep but in some people it appears during wakefulness as well.

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth — With all due respect what do you know about children’s teeth?  Why is it important to keep your baby teeth?  Why do you need children’s crowns and space holders?  Why do you need professional cleaning and sealed fissures?  And what are fissures?  We try not to tire you out with so many questions.  As a rule (to our great regret) parents are not as familiar with all the peculiarities of dental treatment for children

Brushing your teeth is not effective without flossing!

What is Gastritis? Toothpastes are used everyday on our teeth, our mouth it an excellent environment for bacteria to grow, thus allowing them to multiply and to become a visible problem. Everyday dental hygiene will eliminate some of the buildup but other areas will still have significant buildup mostly between the gums, tooth surface and hard to reach places. When certain bacteria comes in contact with toothpaste in the mouth they release acid that damage gums and tooth enamel, which can lead to bleeding and inflammation of your gums, and a persistent and unpleasant door in the mouth. As the inflammation depends, bone tissue may be affected, which can lead to tooth extraction.

Why should you change amalgams?

Amalgam – is a mixture of metal alloys with liquid of mercury used by dentists to fill cavities.  In such a Seal, the property of mercury is used to dissolve metals, after which the mixture easily acquires the shape of the cavity in the tooth, where the metals solidify to the form of your tooth.  In modern practice, copper, silver dental amalgam and the so-called high copper amalgam (silver amalgam with significant addition of copper are used, mainly amalgam is used for filling back teeth.)