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Those of us who were unlucky enough to have a bad dental experience in our childhood may have a life lasting fear of the dental chair.  Those who were unlucky and were not met by professional and sympathetic staff are often impacted for life. Bad memories can be the reason why some postpone making routine visits to the dentist and choose to delay treatment until the next day, next month, next year, next payday and ultimately choose not to go at all.  In turn, delaying visits in fear only makes matters worse because you lose your chance to solve the problem early on. Waiting too long exacerbates symptoms, which could have been prevented. Technological progress in dentistry has allowed dentists to develop techniques which make treatment relatively painless.  Patients look forward to visits and compare routine dentist work to getting a haircut at the saloon. If you need proof, take a look inside our clinic, ask a friend, read customer reviews on our social media, talk to our staff about procedures and you will see that we pride ourselves in our high standards of patient treatment for all (child friendly too).  Please do not hesitate, and let us give you peace of mind and bring your teeth back to health.

Healthy teeth show your beautiful smile and self-confidence. The state of your teeth indicates the health of your entire body. Unsolved mouth and teeth problems may cause future health issues – bad indigestion, cardiovascular diseases, bad breath and discomfort.

It is vital that from an early age, children follow proper tooth and mouth care. Children who routinely visits the dentist early on can avoid development of more serious treatment later in adult life. If you have questions about more serious dental treatment, no worries because the website and our staff can provide you with various options our clinic provides.

Where to begin?

Dental hygiene is the first step to creating your ideal smile. At ELSIA Dental Clinic your dentist talks to you about a plan of action for your personalized care. Once the doctor examines your mouth and teeth, a step by step individual treatment plan is created together with one of our dentists.

Experienced dentists use modern technology to work wonders, trust us and you’ll only need to follow a few simple rules for wonderful results.  The simplest, but regular activities like cleaning your teeth, using mouthwash, flossing and chewing gum can prevent and even stop caries – a very slow process of tooth enamel, dentin and hard tissue decay.  Bad caries can lead to serious tooth diseases. The most effective way of preventing dental caries is by making an appointment with your dentist to discuss the best method to demineralize the surface of your teeth.

Caries are a very slow process of tooth enamel, dentin and hard tooth tissue decay. The first stage of this disease is practically unnoticeable by unprofessionals – only hardly visible changes in colour, this disease doesn’t cause unpleasant feelings. The beginning of the treatment at that stage does not involve serious interference and only means some procedures of absorption of Ca (calcium) and F (Fluoride)

Periodontitis develops the root cover of the tooth and usually is the result of untreated caries, when infection penetrates the root canal through the hole at the top of the root. Sometimes this can be the result of unprofessional treatment caries, injuries or other things.

Timely measures of neutralization and caries treatment can help to avoid another bad problem –  pulpits.

Don’t let yourself be the one who waits for an even more expensive treatment that could have been avoided. As you can see, many problems can arise because of bad hygiene practices, lack of attention to yourself and fear of visiting the dentist.  All of which can be improved by coming to us sooner.  Don’t be afraid, we don’t want you to wait any longer.

Do not put off your improving your dental health until tomorrow – visit us at ELSIA Dental Clinic and we can create a plan to rejuvenate your beautiful smile!


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