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What is the importance of professional dental hygiene?
Professional dental hygiene is an important health topic. Not all people are aware of the importance of regular dental hygiene visits and often do not follow procedures that can leads to irreversible consequences. During your visit to your dental clinic the hygienist does not only clean away all dental tartar and plaque but also carries out a routine examination to reveal caries or other dental disease at an early stage.

Why isn’t it enough to brush your teeth twice a day ?

During the day we consume a variety of foods and drinks. We don’t always have a chance to brush our teeth after each cup of coffee. As a result, tooth plaque accumulates on the surface of our teeth, which under the influence of salivary and oral environment can mineralise inside the natural tooth pockets and can turn into tartar and stone. It’s a pity but dental plaque cannot be removed with the help of any simple toothbrush or an expensive electrical one. Toothpaste and toothbrush commercials are a myth because there are no products which can completely guard your teeth 24 hours a day from build up. To be honest, as dentists we know very well what is not mentioned in these advertisements. Even those who thoroughly clean their teeth twice a day and use dental floss are still strongly advised by their dentists to visit for routine professional dental hygiene check ups.

How is professional dental hygiene carried out?

Hygiene includes the following procedures :

Removing dental subgingival calcius (tartar) manually or using ultrasonic skeler. This instrument helps to remove tartar from hard-to-reach places and natural gum pockets

~ Eliminating dental plaque

~ Polishing teeth, ceramic and composit surfaces

~ Applying special fluoride mixture to your teeth

Professional hygiene is necessary every 4-6 months not taking into account whether you have visible dental plaque or not.

Patients with oversensitivity are treated under local anesthesia and after the procedure a special tray is made for them, and the patient is advised to follow home therapy instructions.

At our clinic we have a wide variety of professional toothpastes and gels with a combination of high percentage fluoride and calcium. Our dental specialists can be consulted about the correct dosage.

The hygiene procedure is painless and rejuvenates your teeth. You will immediately be able to see the transformation to your natural tooth colour, which won’t be unseen under non-transparent dental plaque.


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