CEREC technology

For the last 25 years CEREC technology has helped millions of people to smile beautifully. The new technology is available in Latvia. Now you do not need to waste your precious time on numerous dental appointments to restore your teeth. In our dental clinic you can do it all in one visit.

What is the secret to quick & quality restoration?

Our secret is that we do not need to use a long process of preparation work, print injections, tooth openings or temporary inlays . Now everything is done with the help of 3D modelling.

First, a specialised camera takes a 3D picture of the damaged tooth and with the help of a computer monitor our dentist creates a model of the lost part of your tooth. A precise picture is created by multiple digital enlargements of the tooth and which allows our machine to cut with precision.

The next step is to send data measurements of an inlay to a special polishing machine, which cutting the necessary construction out of a ceramic block before your own eyes. You can watch the entire process and ask any questions.

In 10-20 minutes a completed inlay is made out of high quality porcelain and the dentist can start setting it right away. The ceramic teeth are available in different shades of colour to match your natural tooth to ensure you get the best visual effect.

In an hour you are an owner of a new tooth,

which thanks to modern technology can not be distinguished from the natural one and to be used for many years. Now, you can be sure your teeth are restored with the latest technology and have the closest compatibility to the natural teeth both aesthetically and functionally.

Cerec technology gives an opportunity to restore teeth of any level of difficulty by ideally matching the colour and shape of a new tooth. The advantage of having ceramic teeth is that the non-organic material does not cause allergies, does not absorb moisture or change its colour.


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