Prosthetics are an aesthetically attractive decision in situations when you restore teeth and defects (uneven form or gaps). It’s possible to restore one or more teeth. This is a complex procedure during which it is important to take into account factors such as: right choice of materials, individual approach to patients and the newly-made tooth.
It is especially important to minimise discomfort or influence of the new ceramic teeth on patient`s healthy tissue and to find the colour closest to the natural enamel colour. Some years ago metallic materials were used – that is when metallic grounds were covered with ceramics which imitated the natural surface of the tooth. This outdated method was usually used to insert bridges but this technology is becoming more and more old fashioned. In addition metallic ground can make the tooth look unnatural and some patients are allergic to metal which makes it impossible to use.

That is why in our clinic modern technology with no metallic materials is used. In modern dentistry bridges are installed quite rarely so a ceramic crown on top of an implant can be used not only for your front teeth for visual effects but also for chewing surfaces thanks to hard metal alloys. Ceramic crowns are becoming more popular replacing metal with ceramics. Ceramic crowns adapt better to patient’s biological tissue thanks to zirconium oxidum which lowers allergic reactions and exclusion of the prosthesis.

In our dental clinic ceramic crowns are made using CEREC technology, which gives you an opportunity to choose, to model and set a new tooth during only one visit.

Our dentists will closely examine your situation and choose the most suitable option with 3D computer technology. The procedure only takes one hour, beginning with scanning the spoiled surface and ending with setting new natural coloured teeth and ideal functionality made to last.


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