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Water Flosser

Hot to solve gum problems and prevent new ones?  Gum disease is a common symptom of gum infections (gingivitis).  Irregular gum inflammation may cause paroxysis.

What is Gastritis?
Toothpastes are used everyday on our teeth, our mouth it an excellent environment for bacteria to grow, thus allowing them to multiply and to become a visible problem.  Everyday dental hygiene will eliminate some of the buildup but other areas will still have significant buildup mostly between the gums, tooth surface and hard to reach places.  When certain bacteria comes in contact with toothpaste in the mouth they release acid that damage gums and tooth enamel, which can lead to bleeding and inflammation of your gums, and a persistent and unpleasant door in the mouth.  As the inflammation depends, bone tissue may be affected, which can lead to tooth extraction.
Brushing twice a day simply isn’t enough.

Brush your teeth and floss with a dental thread for cleaning — this is part of your daily tooth cleaning regimen, but these two things can not solve all dental on their own. There are hard to reach spots between your gums and teeth surfaces, any toothbrush cannot reach all the pockets in your mouth. One of the best solutions is using an water flosser (irrigator).
At ELSIA dental clinic, our specialists recommend to use a Waterpik water flosser because it prevents dental and gum disease as well as dental, implant and gum care device.
Waterpik irrigators help remove dirt from teeth in hard-to-reach places.  Thanks to the gum massage caused by the high pressure water jet, microcirculation of the blood gases improves your teeth.

In order to prevent irritation,
we recommend using a special solution in addition that increases the positive benefits of the water flosser as well as greatly reducing the risk of irritation from flossing.

Waterpik Irrigator
Water flossers are especially recommended for people with dental implants and braces.  Studies have been conducted to prove that the Waterpik Irrigator cleans gums and stimulates and massages your gums to improve health of the oral cavity.  Thanks to the Waterpik irrigator can significantly reduce gum bleeding and  inflammation during your daily dental hygiene routine.