Teeth implants

The loss of a tooth has already become a temporary problem for patients. In place of your lost tooth a new one can be created with the help of non biological materials, which look and function just as your genuine tooth. Every year more and more people are choosing implantation over prosthetics and dental implants are becoming increasingly popular.

What is an implant?

An implant is, actually , an artificial tooth root made of titanium which is placed into the bone in place of the lost one. After placing an implant a new tooth is created in its place. Implants do not  differ from all other natural teeth and function in the same ways as you genuine teeth do.

After setting a new tooth on the implant you will forget about the discomfort you felt because of lack of teeth or other related troubles.

What you need to know?

Implantation does not only give your teeth a new chance to mechanically function but also solves appearance problems. The procedure of implantation solves all unnecessary problems.

“An implant” and “tooth implantation” mean, in simple words , “an artificial tooth root” and “a tooth root planting operation”. The next step is setting of a newly created tooth according to patient's wishes and budget, crown and other procedures of tooth restoration.

  • If you have lost one tooth – you do not need to spoil neighboring teeth which during simple prosthetic procedures of crowing are usually drilled and cut shorter, which kills tooth nerves before that.
  • If you have lost more than one tooth – then it is a brilliant opportunity to skip removable dentures because the process also needs to cut neighbouring teeth and mechanical drilling is usually necessary before use and can have negative influence on your teeth while mechanically using removable dentures.
  • If you have no teeth at all then – we strongly recommend implantation in order avoid other unforeseen health problems. In the situation of absence of teeth there is no mechanical pressure on jaw bones and they atrophy, because of a lack of teeth you can get occlusion defects, stomach problems and only implantation can make this process slower and give you confidence.

Placing an implant

The procedure of implantation is carried out under local anesthesia and takes no more than 40 minutes. If necessary, the doctor makes stitches which are removed in about a week or so. During the first week after the surgery the patient needs to follow some precautionary measures, which helps your new implants integrate quickly.

The final restoration takes at least 8 weeks while the implant integrates inside your mouth after which we place your newly created implants we make in clinic for your following visit. If there is enough bone tissue, you can have your tooth restored in about an hour.

If you keep to your hygiene regiment and regularly visit our clinic, your new teeth will be in use for many years to come, usually just as long as natural ones or even longer because implants do not suffer from caries, paradontitis, tartar, etc.

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