A beautiful smile intrigues, a shy smile touches, a kind smile pleases, a happy smile charms and a sincere smile inspires. A smile cannot be ignored. Smile!

We Welcome you and your family to the official site of ELSIA Dental Clinic!

Our mission is to provide a pleasant experience by building trust and having an integrated approach to dental care.  By using the most cutting edge technology and high quality materials we help maintain, strengthen and restore your health to gain self-confidence.  ELSIA clinic priorities:

~ Patients’ health and comfort

~ High quality standards for treatment, materials, equipment

~ Experienced, friendly and responsible staff

~ Technological innovation and continuous development

Thanks to our qualified specialists and experienced dentists we offer pleasant procedures to minimize your pain or discomfort.  The key to success at ELSIA is building long lasting trust and strong communication between doctor and patient.

Our clinic offers a wide range of modern treatments in cosmetic or general dentistry including preventative care, and high quality aesthetic restoration.  

ELSIA is conveniently located in Riga city centre. We respect and take into consideration the needs for your entire family, including child friendly services. Several amenities in-clinic are: unlimited WIFI, accessible facilities, multilingual services and a waiting lounge to relax.

Come and visit us and we will restore your confidence!




Sincerely yours, ELSIA dental clinic.


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